I found this really cool song on youtube: Sub Urban - Cradles and I love the, for the lack of a better word, "click sound" in the chorus at 0:48.

I'd like to know if anyone knows of songs with these "click sounds" or if there even is a whole genre based about it.


It's possible this is just an electronic instrument setting, but it sounds to me like a tuned idiophone -a percussion instrument in the xylophone family --played with hard mallets that are being allowed to bounce. It's hard to tell which one exactly. It's not quite low enough for a marimba (note the clicking effect) or mellow enough for a vibraphone, and not quite "chime-y" enough for a glockenspiel, so I'm thinking xylophone. It almost has a bit of a "steel drum" sound, but I've never heard steel drums played with audible clicks.

Depending on the type of mallet and the way it's played, the clicking sound can be more or less prominent with an idiophone. It seems like it's really being emphasized here --at least in the chorus. (I think the same instrument is being played with fewer clicks, elsewhere in the piece). However this is all just a guess.

  • The following comment was proposed as an anonymous edit: "I think it’s a malletkat. I actually did a search asking if there was a malletkat playing in this song. "
    – Aaron
    Oct 9 '20 at 0:05

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