I’m trying to find this song I remember listening to as a child. I don’t know the lyrics but I vaguely remember the scene, there was the band (around 3 white 20ish year old guys) and they are playing/singing at the beach. There’s a scene where a lifeguard sees a boy drowning and brings the boy back to shore and saves him with cpr. That’s all I can really remember. I hope it’s enough and someone can find it, because I’ve been trying to find it for a few days now.

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    You forgot to describe the music itself, we are a music fans community :-) – Bebs Apr 4 '19 at 7:35
  • I mean I don’t remember much cause it’s from a long time ago but I remember a guy with shaggy hair playing the guitar under a bridge at the beach and there was other people too, a drummer and another guitarist I think. What else do I need to answer? – Jonathan Jordan Apr 5 '19 at 2:21

Someone asked this same question on yahoo answers and the answer given was Switchfoot - Dare You To Move.

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