I am looking for a song or maybe it's just a tune that goes like : Te, tetere, te te, te tetere. The music sounds old, like from a sci-fi movie. If anyone has anything in mind that sounds similar, then do tell me.

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    Hi @bilasuge, welcome to Music Fans SE. Identification questions need more details to be answerable. Please read the tour that will give you the scope of identification questions. Here is a list of relevant details that you should specify. – Brahadeesh Apr 9 at 9:06
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    By Te, tetere, do you mean the text or the rhythm? Could you be more specific? – Karlo Apr 15 at 12:22

Little to go on, but the description immediately reminds me of the Thunderbirds Theme by Barry Gray.

Thunderbirds Theme -- originally released as a single in December 1965, this is virtually identical to the opening and closing titles heard in the "Thunderbirds" TV series (1.1 MB, mono, 2 min 34 sec, recorded November 1965)

See also Barry Gray's website

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    This is an excellent guess in my opinion. Sadly, it appears the OP is not returning to this post. – Brahadeesh Apr 10 at 7:30

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