If someone can identify the song in this video that would be great. The video is on the YouTube channel Daily Mail, and in it a person is playing a song on the piano with a cat sleeping on the piano even as the song is being played.

I've tried using Shazam but it didn't identify the song.

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    Hi @CourtneyChun, welcome to Music Fans SE! Good identification questions need more details to be answerable. Please take a look here to know how you can improve your question. Also, do go through the tour to know more about how this site functions. – Brahadeesh Apr 19 at 0:14
  • If someone is curious about the pianist (and the cat) instead, looks like he is Thay Minh with his cat Haburu on his YouTube channel. – Andrew T. May 8 at 2:35

Thre is a comment under the YT video, stating that it is a piano version of Tháng tư là lời nói dối by Vietnamese artist Ha Anh Tuan. It is certainly similar enough for me to offer this as an answer.

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