I have been listening to this song for quite a while, and I always have the same question in my head: What is happening in the video ?

Where are they, what's the story, who's that weird monster, what's with children. Does it have story behind it ?

Link to this video I am talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXv31OmnKqQ

Any explanation ?

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    Hi @user7523, welcome to Music Fans SE! Can you provide a link to the video? Also, please add the tags (music-video) and (meaning) to your question since you are asking about the meaning of the music video. Your question would improve if you can add details about what's going on in the music video, too. You can take the tour to know more about the scope of this site. – Brahadeesh Apr 22 at 2:41
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    @MartinSchröder Could you make an answer out of the link? The video is in German so I don't understand what the explanation is. – Brahadeesh Apr 24 at 3:29

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