I watched a WWE video and loved this song. Link to when the song starts. I believe it's a popular song. What is it?

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    Hi @IshaqKhan, please take note of the advice Chris Sunami gave in the previous question you posted. We would like to see questions without generic titles, and identification question which more context. For instance, have you tried using Shazam or Soundhound to identify the music? – Brahadeesh Apr 25 at 13:39
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    Please go through the tour to know more about how this site functions. You can take a look here to know how to improve your identification question. – Brahadeesh Apr 25 at 13:41

This is "Fake It" by Seether.

Found by playing the video on my computer and using Shazam on my phone to identify it.

  • This is in background. I wanted the name of female singer song. – Ishaq Khan Apr 28 at 1:06
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    @IshaqKhan maybe you should update your question to be more specific – UnhandledExcepSean Apr 29 at 18:57

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