An American group called The Jive Bombers has come to my attention through listening to the Cry-Baby soundtrack. I want to find more of their recordings and was wondering whether there has been any CD or digital releases of The Jive Bombers recordings other than Bad Boy through soundtracks and compilations.

There are many recordings found on Colorradio.com - The Jive Bombers, but none I can find have been re-issued. I’ve searched allmusic.com with no luck:

The Jive Bombers recordings found on AllMusic

I’ve found Jump! With The Jive Bombers on Amazon, but I’m not sure of its authenticity or whether it’s a recording of the earlier British band.

  • Some searching around suggests that what are most likely compilations of the original Savoy 78s by the Jive Bombers were reissued in the 1980s on vinyl, and are offered for sale on ebay and online vinyl sellers like www.cdandlp.com. No personal experience of dealing with cdandlp.com, just found some references to it. You may get lucky with this extra information. – Angst Mar 26 '16 at 16:03

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