So, I'm about to go insane because I just remembered a fraction of a second of the song and I don't have enough info to go on to find it.

I know that the lead singer is an attractive woman, latino, black or combination of both with a bit of an accent. She has long curly black hair, if I recall correctly. I do believe that the song is preformed by a band she is in. It's not a famous band, and I also think all of the members are dark skinned.

The music video for the song is filmed in/around a motel, the setting looks like Florida.

Only bit of the song that I can remember is that the bridge ends/chorus starts with her singing "uuh la", heavily emphasizing both words, "uuh" being sung higher than "la". Words before it might have been something like "I say" or "I said", but I'm not sure if I'm remembering that, or if my brain is trying to fill in the blank with the most probable lyric.

The genre of the song is typical pop summer song (I think OMI - Cheerleader has similar feel).

The lyrics are something along the lines of summer love, some guy she likes, whatnot.

It's a really catchy song and it was somewhat popular when it came out, though I doubt it was any kind of real hit.

I think that the song came out somewhere between 2011 and 2013, but I might be wrong. I'm 100% it was after 2008, but before 2015.

I'm sorry all the info is generic, this is really all I can remember.

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