This sample has been used in a variety of media as listed below. (Links have been timestamped to play at the point where the sample begins)

  • Within the Shadow Man soundtrack (This is the earliest instance I could find).
  • Pitched up, in the background of the final boss of American McGee's Alice's music.
  • At the beginning of the Ergo Proxy Soundtrack - Busy Doing Nothing.
  • Throughout the live action Silent Hill nurse scene.
  • In this German rap.

Does anyone know the origins of the sample/chant, or was is created for the Shadow Man soundtrack and then sampled by others?

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I think that was original music. In the first example, though, the third snippet (men's voices only) is in fact a very famous Gregorian chant, "Pange lingua gloriosi," which you can easily look up and find on line.

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