The music video came out years ago. Rihanna sang a duet. In the music video, she's in a bathtub.

What is the title and the single's name?

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It's Stay, first appeared in Unapologetic album in 2012, then released as a single of the same name, Stay in 2013.

It features guest vocals by Mikky Ekko, and the music video is showing Rihanna naked in a bathtub filled with cloudy water.

Source: Wikipedia.

Found by googling "Rihanna bathtub".


Rihanna had an appearance in a bathtub in the following songs so far.

  1. We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris (Release 2011)
  2. Stay ft. Mikky Ekko (Release 2012) (Duet)
  3. Love On The Brain (Release 2016)

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