A few months ago I submitted some of my music to a record label. Their response was that they, as a Swedish record company, only take on artists from Sweden and the US. Since I am in Australia that excludes me [obvious].

Why do record labels do this? Especially in a way that is so arbitrary? To some degree I could understand it if it was their home country [sweden] or the EU. But Sweden and the US is weird; there's a lot more talent out there!! Is it some kind of tax evasion thing or some aspect of the record industry business model that is arcane to me? Or something else?

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    I'm not sure that every labels behave like this. You had one experience with that label, but your question has the plural "Why do record labels do this?". Are you sure every label does this, just based one your own experience? – Bebs Jul 3 at 5:56
  • It's reasonable to conclude that many do. – Snack_Food_Termite Jul 3 at 5:57
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    Anyway, in your case, it could be their polite way to say that they simply don't like your works? I'm pretty sure companies are able to break rules for good business opportunities. Don't let it bother you, just try other labels. – Bebs Jul 3 at 6:03

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