HotCha - 咖啡或茶 [HotCha] - 官方完整版MV – Time 0:56-1:00

I want to remove the vocal from this song (Time 0:56-1:00). But if I do it, the quality is so bad.

So is there any instrumental music that is similar to this background music, specifically between 0:56 and 1:00? A karaoke track would be best, but this song isn't well-known enough to have one, so any similar sounding track without vocals is okay. I am looking for something matching just that 4 second clip.

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I'm not sure how similar you want the tempo to be but many JRPG games have similar composing and instrument/sound/note selection for funny cutscenes and such.

If you want to find something similar this badly, I suggest you to look for JRPG OST's of famous titles such as final fantasy, star ocean, fire emblem, persona etc. also if you are familiar with gemes, there are many indie/stand-alone titles you can look for like "undertale".

Here's what I could find in a small scan in one of my favourite game's OST.

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