I used to own one of these toys when I was really little, but I always had trouble understanding the words because of my hearing loss.

The first song by the Elmo doll is a cover of Jackson 5's ABC. It seems that the doll's lyrics are different than the original song and would better match these kids cover.

Does someone have the lyrics of this cover?

There was another second song by the same doll I couldn't identify, so if background information and lyrics can be provided that would be excellent.


The first song is just the chorus to the original ABC by the Jackson 5, repeated twice with the name "Elmo" inserted instead of "baby"

A B C, easy as one, two, three
Simple as do re mi
A B C, one, two, three, Elmo, you and [unintelligible]

The second song is Big Joe Turner's Shake Rattle and Roll

Check it out!

Get out of that bed, wash your face and hands
Get out of that bed, wash your face and hands
Get in that kitchen, make some noise with the pots and pans

Shake rattle & roll!
Gonna shake rattle & roll! Gonna shake rattle & roll!
[unintelligible] rock and roll

There are some minor lyric changes to both songs, but nothing significant.

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