I was listening to one of Wolfman Jack's old radio broadcasts on SoundCloud and I heard a Spanish version of Baby I'm For Real by The Originals though I cant seem to find the name of the artist or the original song anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find It?

Here's where I heard the clip of the song: https://soundcloud.com/cognate/california-mia-mix#t=5:54


This is identified at the same link you provided as:

"Te Quiero a Ti" by the California Brass

Although it's pretty clearly the same song (that dissonant opening riff on the horn is pretty distinctive), it seems that they changed the title and the lyrics for the Spanish version --which is not unusual.

It's worth noting that the playlist is listed in full below the soundcloud. It doesn't look to be an actual historical broadcast, but a recreation of one from songs of the times.

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