Simple question, that is bugging me. I love this sound @1.10 of this stringed instrument, but I have no idea what it is?

Peking Duk - "Stranger" (Y2K Remix)

Any ideas?


Sounds like a harp, but not a full-size concert harp. The sound is similar to 12-string, or other instruments related to the guitar, but there is a low note at 1m16s which has such resonance it could only really be played on a harp.

I'd think most likely a Celtic harp.

Could also be a small harp from another folk tradition, Andean harp, Jarocho harp, but there are differences to the sound which make them less likely.


Just to muddy the waters further, I'm going to put my vote in for oud. Right range, right timbre, and mentioned in this interview -- not in connection with "Stranger", but an offhand comment about the instrument that suggests it was on his mind. Note that the interview and this version of Stranger are from the same year (2017).

Interview: Ellie Stamelos. 11 April 2017. "We Talk to Peking Duk ahead of Their Biggest Tour Yet." thisisradelaide.com.au.


Sounds like a plucked Chinese instrument to me. Maybe the yueqin (a.k.a. moon guitar)?

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