I remember listening to a song on YouTube a few years ago:

  • The song had a 80s vibe but I don't think it was actually from the 80s.
  • The singer was male, tall, and blond or ginger. He reminded me very much of Patrick Wolf.
  • He was singing in a small indoor studio-setting.
  • I think the singer had a British accent
  • His name may have been somewhat German-sounding and maybe starting with "W".
  • The song itself was sung in English,
  • pop/synth/disco,
  • about love, excuses, blame or something along these lines.
  • There may have been a few dancing and singing backup ladies as well but I am not sure.

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Maybe Wolfsheim - find you here ? Or something else from Wolfsheim?

Hits a lot of your list points quite well.

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