I want to listen more instrumental metal, like The Call of Ktulu and Orion) (Metallica), or Into the Lungs of Hell (Megadeth).

Can anyone help me?


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Band with at least one instrumental song:

Instrumental band:

I'll complete this list when a new song will come to my mind!

  • One more: Musical Death (A Dirge) - Testament
    – Zack Stone
    Oct 24, 2015 at 17:32

While not really the same genre, try Pelican. All their songs are instrumental, but they're not as metal as the songs of your example. I came to think of them when I thought of Call of Cthulu though for some reason, maybe due to the epic nature of their songs.

Coroner is a band that started out very metal though, and continued to progress, in the true sense of the word. Check out Arc-lite from Punishment from Decadence which is instrumental. It's not as epic as your example tracks though.


Depending on just how metal you want your metal to be, An Endless Sporadic are great instrumental musicians, with elements of prog, metal, alternative, and more.


If you're just looking for instrumental Metal, any of the "Neo-Classical" genre fits that bill. Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Greg Howe, et al. But this tune rocks starting around 1:00:


  • I would say that Call of Cthulu isn't exactly neo-classical shred... Jun 4, 2015 at 16:00

You can try some Mekong Delta albums: Classics (1993) Visions Fugitives (1994) Pictures at an Exhibition (1996)


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