I've got these lines stuck in my head. Does anyone know where they're from?

Now everybody's talking
'Bout how she looked at the party tonight,
And he's sat at home
Waiting for his invite.

I thought they were from Noah and the Whale's track "Old Joy", but I listened to it recently, and was suprised to find they aren't in there. I've searched through all their lyrics online, but I couldn't find a matching lyric anywhere. Finally, I just Googled snippets of the above, as well as some variations thereon, but it seems like no musician has ever recorded any song with those words!

Note: Noah and the Whale may be a complete red herring. I've probably misremembered the lyrics slightly, but I'm pretty certain of the sense they're meant to express, as well as the 'tonight'/'invite' rhyme.


These lyrics are in fact from Noah and the Whale's "Old Joy" but they only appear in an unreleased demo version of the song. According to the notes in the video (presumably from the band):

The version of 'Old Joy' we recorded in the synagogue has achieved almost mythical status amongst the band. I really love this take of the song but it wasn't our vision for the record and I didn't want to sing about heartbreak.

They cut the lyrics I was looking for from the album version - bizarrely, since they're by far the strongest in the song.

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