The beginning of Outkast's "ATLiens" (from the album of the same name) has a sound effect which reminded me of the video game "Doom 2", especially the final level "Icon of Sin". The sample is at around 0:03 in the song. If you watch any video playthrough of "Icon of Sin", you can hear the sound effect played regularly during the main part of the level. The effects sound so similar as to convince me they are the same, but surprisingly a Google search for "atliens doom" returned nothing of note. So I am wondering if both media sampled something else, or is this a real case of Outkast sampling Doom 2, and if so why?


That's a pretty generic kind of sound. Since both tracks are old it's quite possible they might both have taken the sample from a sample library.

As to why Outkast might possibly have sampled Doom: that's the way sampling works, you hear a sound you like and you sample it.


If I'm not mistaken it's a Ren & Stimpy sample. Probably the second half of Episode 1; "Marooned".

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