I really like this music, and I want to hear more. What genre would this be considered?

Link: “Other Friends” from the Steven Universe movie


This is based on an old American jazz- and ragtime-influenced pop music style from the 1930s and 40s called "Tin Pan Alley" (after the location where the songwriters would work). The clues are the jazzy rhythm of the lyrics, the Dixieland instrumentation, and the peppy 4/4 beat.


However the Steven Universe song is a modern take on the music, similar to late revivals of the sound such as the hit synth pop remake of "Ritz", or Madonna's "Now I'm following you".

It might even be considered an electroswing number, like the music of Caravan Palace or "Lucas with the Lid Off" --electroswing is a modernized version of big-band swing, generally including samples of original vintage songs, but with modern beats and production.

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