I am looking for music similar to Old School Runescape's (MMORPG) soundtrack, "Book of Spells."

These are two versions of this song:--


What genre(s) of music does this song belong to?

What modern or old composers is this song inspired by?

Prior Research:--

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I'd call the piano versions "melancholy piano", which may not be an official genre, but perhaps should be one.

For songs with a similar feel I'd recommend:

All personal favorites of mine, by the way. You might also see this similar question for more suggestions.

The original Ultima song is perhaps best described as "Celtic New Age" --like Enya. The Runescape original doesn't have the same Celtic flavor, so I'd just go with "melancholy New Age" music for the genre.


Ultima VII: The Black Gate has a similar soundtrack.

While I am not 100% certain, it is reasonable to conclude that Runescape was probably influenced by Ultima. (I can't find a source directly linking the two songs.)

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