Has Henrik Zeabird ever performed or even released other works than the three songs published on their Myspace page?

Their Bandcamp page only lists Rain, YouTube only contains one video where they perform Rain, Vimeo also contains only a (different) video where they perform Rain.

It seems they performed on some events/festivals … maybe with some other songs?


Their BandPage page (which is included in their Facebook page) lists (and allows to stream/download) 8 songs.
But according to the file’s numbering, there should be a ninth track. When sharing one of the tracks, it is revealed that they come from a SoundCloud set from andimu, which contains 9 songs (BandPage misses the bonus track Pirate):

  1. How the Hail Works
  2. Drink myself to Sleep
  3. Dwelling
  4. Mountain
  5. After Years of Sleep
    (according to file name: Tired After Years of Sleep)
  6. Gone
    (according to the file name: My Tape)
  7. Savour the Flavour
    (according to the file name: Sleep Walking)
  8. Outro
  9. Pirate (Bonus)

That makes 12 tracks in total (of which 2, Up and Down and jahreszeiten, can’t be downloaded).

I couldn’t find out if they ever performed other songs at an event.

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