In a YouTube video titled Minirig 3 vs Vifa Reykjavik Sound Comparison by techkiste.net, there are 3 songs played. What I want to know is the 2nd song that starts at 2:39-4:32.

I'm pretty sure I've heard it before but I don't know what's the song is called. I've tried to use AudioTag, SoundHound and Shazam, still no luck finding it. Both Shazam and SoundHound detected the song as Jincheng Zhang - Diverse but when I listen to it, the audio is suuuper weird. It's like, the original instrumental song has been modified.


It's the piano/instrumental arrangement of Carol of the Bells by Quincas Moreira, royalty-free music for YouTube Audio Library which can also be listened on his royalty-free holiday classics medley. Originally based on Shchedryk, arranged by composer and teacher Mykola Leontovych in 1916.

Found by notating and searching for the first 4 notes: G F# G E, ended with a Reddit thread titled What songs are good to learn on the glockenspiel? which mentioned "Carol of the Bells" by CasualDave.

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