I'm not a native English speaker so despite I'm able to understand what a particular song lyrics is about I can't determine how good it is in terms of poetry. I'm well aware that for instance Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones are considered to be legendary poets by native speakers but I have always been wondering what degree of acknowledgement Metallica receives for its lyrics alone. Is Metallica's lyrics great, mediocre or primitive?

  • agree with @VikingChildren. Also would not say the Rolling Stones are poets. Nov 4, 2021 at 19:16

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It's opinion based, honestly. I would say Metallica's strength is not in the lyrics. The lyrics are primitive for lack of a better word. There's not much subtext to draw from their lyrics, and most of the rhyming schemes are basic ABAB. That isn't to say they aren't 'good', but Metallica aren't know for lyrical sophistication.

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