I have uploaded short audio in Soundcloud. I couldn't find its name. Please Help me find it. Unknown Music

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    Surprise... this question got into a Hot Network Question, though I'm not even sure if the question (or even only the title) can be improved further or not... – Andrew T. Nov 4 '19 at 21:28
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    Without a more specific title and description, this could be referring to any music. Although such a title and description is quite difficult to come up with here, especially in a way that others will search for to find this, so it probably isn't a good fit for a Q&A. A good rule of thumb is the question should still be at least somewhat answerable without the sound clip. – NotThatGuy Nov 5 '19 at 0:39
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    As per the help center: Questions seeking to identify a song/sample/artist/etc: a) need enough objective detail to be answerable; b) show evidence of effort and research; c) if a link to a sound file is included, also add a description of the song. Please add as much detail as possible. – Davy M Nov 5 '19 at 1:44
  • Actually I see no special reason to close this question. If I compare this question I can't find a significantly differing amount of information provided. Of course one could mention something, where one encountered the melody, but if you have no other clue? – guidot Nov 15 '19 at 12:12

This is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, compare Youtube, part of the Peer Gynt suite #1, op. 46.

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