The question might be a bit strange, I get it, but here's the fact..

I've started taking singing lessons (just 3 so far), the teacher told me I'm a soprano and asked me if I can look for some songs I would like to learn.
So since I like Lea Michele very much, I've looked for a song that I could sing without many difficulties, and I chose "Empty Handed".
My teacher didn't know the singer, and told me that based on this song she thinks Lea is a Mezzo and not a Soprano, and she prefers to find songs that could better fit my type of voice.
I've always read that Lea is a Soprano with strong medium register, so I'm looking for a song (hers or sung by her, it's the same) where one can clearly recognize she's a soprano.
I'm asking this because I still can't recognize just by listening if one is soprano or mezzo, so I'm not able to choose a correct one.
Of course, I'm saying this based on what I've read on the internet, but all the sources seem to agree on her type of voice.

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