I am looking for music similar to Magicka: Wizard Wars' (Competitive Arena Fighting Game) soundtrack, "Main Menu Theme."

The music was composed by Johan Lindgren.

This is one version of this song:--



  1. What genre(s) of music does this song belong to?

  2. What modern or old composers is this song inspired by?

Prior Research:--

I've gone through all these above sources and they contain little-to-no information regarding the soundtrack and/or the composer(s) of the game. Thus, I've decided to ask the question here.

I could not find a Wikipedia page specifically for Wizard Wars.

Some of Paradox titles may have educational value. That is my partial motivation for studying these games. I am serious about this interest.

  • Perhaps you can tell us what the outcome of your "prior research" was, rather than just listing relevant links? For example, is there any implicit/explicit discussion about the genre of Magicka: Wizard Wars in wikipedia or any of the other links, and what do they say? – Brahadeesh Jan 8 at 1:18
  • Also try to limit yourself to a single answerable question in one post. Your second question, while interesting, might be too broad. – Brahadeesh Jan 8 at 1:19
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    I can't respond right now; one of my relatives is not well. Please be diplomatic. – Tautological Revelations Jan 9 at 4:32
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    I've made a small edit -- it took me roughly about 15 minutes to do. This is not a good time right now. I know you mean well; and I thank you for trying to improve Stack Exchange. – Tautological Revelations Jan 9 at 4:45
  • Oh, I hope everything turns out okay! Thank you for taking the time to edit and respond. My apologies for being blunt with my earlier messages. – Brahadeesh Jan 9 at 7:30

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