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Questions about the artwork accompanying albums, including album covers.

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Does the artist name need to be on an album cover?

Does the artist name or album name need to be on an album cover? Is there a rule that governs this?
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Please identify cover artist of Flash and the Pan Best Of

See here: Cover/Backcover I could swear I have seen this least the style...maybe Liefeldian? Wild googling didn't get an answer. Maybe it's noted on the backcover, but the pic is too ...
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Ravel's "Sheherazade" by Boulez & von Otter; official title on side of cd

There is a Deutsche Grammophon CD with these compositions: Ravel: Sheherazade, Le Tombeau de Couperin, Pavane, Menuet Antique Debussy: Danses, Le Jet d'Eau, 3 Ballades de François Villon by Pierre ...
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One-colour album cover with nothing else that one colour (no writings, no shades)?

I wonder if there were an album that has a cover with one and only one colour. Metallica's Black Album has a snake and the band name logo written on it. The Beatle's White Album also has the band ...
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Who were the models that portrayed the “Figure In Black” and the “War Pig” on the covers of the first 2 Black Sabbath albums?

Does anyone know the names of the models on the covers of the first 2 Black Sabbath Albums? The “Figure In Black” (On the cover of “Black Sabbath”) May have been named Louise, With a first name in ...
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What is the meaning behind the ant logo of "The Prodigy"?

The Prodigy are an English electronic music band formed in the 1990's. The band has used several logos through the decades. In particular, from the mid-1990s to 2000 their logo featured an image of an ...
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How do angular lines in Piccaso's paintings mirror Stravinsky's primitive rhythms?

Source: The Complete Classical Music Guide (2012). General Editor: John Burrows OBE HonRCM, edited with Charles Wiffen MMus DMus RCM. p. 261 Centre Left.   Schoenberg and his followers—raised on ...
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Who made the cover art for this album?

I'm trying to find out who made cover art for the album "The Inventors Vol. 1" by "The Arcs". I can't find it anywhere :( Thanks in advance.
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Strange Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album with round sticker

I have this weird album and I can't seem to find this album cover anywhere. What is it an how much does it sell for?
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Whose​ faces are behind the Nimrod stickers on the cover of Green Day's "Nimrod"?

I googled a lot but couldn't find who's faces are behind the Nimrod stickers. Are they some popular faces?
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Why is Pink Floyd sometimes called "The" Pink Floyd?

On some Pink Floyd record labels, the band is referred to as The Pink Floyd. On a Mexican release: On a Brazilian release: I didn't include all the occurrences, but it seems to happen in Latin ...
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Why is this cover of "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" missing the word "Hi-Fi"?

I bought a used copy of R.E.M.'s New Adventures in Hi-Fi online. Everything's fine, except on the album cover I noticed the word "Hi-Fi" is missing — it just says New Adventures in (see below). ...
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Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick with black band logo instead of a red one

I was just listening to Jehtro Tull's Thick as a Brick on Spotify and I noticed that the album cover had a red square in the upper red corner in which you can see the band name. See the image for a ...
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What is on the Thelonious Monk "Straight, No Chaser" album cover art?

I'm listening to Thelonious Monk's 1967 Straight, No Chaser album. The cover art is very interesting: It features a horizontal profile of Monk (complete with signature goatee) and a graph paper ...
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Cover art of Karma to Burn's Almost Heathen

Please have a look at the cover art of Karma to Burn's album Almost Heathen: There is a second version of it, with some subtle changes: In the background, you can see three men standing together, ...
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Square root for "united" in Pearl Jam "REARVIEWMIRROR" album art?

Does anyone know why, in the CD booklet for Pearl Jam's second album, Vs., on the lyrics page for the song "REARVIEWMIRROR", the word "united" appears to be replaced with a square-root symbol (√)? ...
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What do the symbols mean on Led Zeppelins iconic fourth album?

Led Zeppelin symbols These symbols off of Led Zeppelins fourth album are burned into my mind from childhood. I must have seen them tens of thousands of times since then. I do know that each symbol ...
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Are there any resourceful sites for finding album booklet scans? [closed]

I've been searching for a while now and haven't had any luck finding a site that's: Frequently updated Posts an entire album booklet vs. front/back or partial scans Aside from purchasing the album ...
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Which album's inside cover featured a policeman running after the band on a motorcycle?

I saw this on a vinyl record inside cover in the 90's yet I can't seem to be able to remember the name/artist of this album at all which is especially shameful as I have the feeling it was a pretty ...
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Album art for "Abraxas" (Santana) and "Bitches Brew" (Miles Davis)

Looking at the album art (below) for Abraxas by Santana and Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. Is there a commmon theme going on here? Specifically the African tribal people on the back covers? It looks to ...
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What happened to the heads from the front cover of The Division Bell?

Steel head sculptures were used for the CD release of the album The Division Bell, and stone sculptures appeared on the cassette artwork. Can you still see them anywhere?
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