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Music, songs, artists of Asian origin and/or using Asian genres, both traditional and contemporary.

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Is it a coincidence that the acronym SNSD is the same in Korean and Chinese?

SNSD is a Korean pop group otherwise known as Girls' Generation outside of Asian. In Korean, it is "So Nyeo Shi Dae", to be honest I can almost pronounce it the same in Chinese. In Chinese it is 少女時代 ...
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reasons behind K - pop success

K-pop seems to be much more successful (compared to other Asian genres and even most countries in the world) in spreading its influence rapidly across the globe. What are some reasons behind this ...
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Which music platforms are commonly used in China to listen or/and buy Chinese songs?

I've been searching for a website where I can get a glimpse of the original quality of the song Shi Wo Zai Zuo Duo Qing Zhong (是我在做多情种) by Hu Yang Lin (胡杨林). After several hours of searching for the ...
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Does this type of chinese pop have a genre name? [closed]

Youtube got me hooked on a particular style of chinese pop music compilation videos lately. Here is one example, but there seem to be hundreds with mostly the same songs. I find it great as background ...
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Which country's culture is represented in "Gladiator" by Dami Im?

Dami Im was born in South Korea. However, many of the elements in the song's music video are reminiscent of Japan: 0:00: Chinese-style painting, plus faux Asian-style writing 0:17: A kimono-style ...
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