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Has audio quality improved since the CD era?

When I got my CD player in 1995, it sounded so clean compared to my old tapes. I never really could afford to buy many CDs at all, so I only ever had extremely few of them. Then, the Internet post ...
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What is the sound quality of the blue-marble vinyl pressing of Electric Youth's "Innerworld"?

does anyone have a take on the sound quality of the blue-marble vinyl pressing of Electric Youth's "Innerworld" album? I've been interested in buying one on eBay for some time but with the ...
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Original recording of Traffic's The low spark of high heeled boys — good sound quality?

I own a CD of this album, probably its first release on CD (bought it early or mid 90s). The sound quality is... well, it has an overall nice warm quality; but it also has some really horrible aspects/...
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Why do computers not use USB for loudspeakers and headphones?

For many years, I have been frustrated by how flimsy the audio cables from my headphones and loudspeakers are. They don't use USB, but some sort of analogue audio standard plug. I can't tell you how ...
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Improving Sound Quality for Music - Headphone Amp? [closed]

Does anybody know if a headphone audio amplifier actually helps improve the quality of the music? Not interested in volume, just quality. Thanks.
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Does virgin vinyl sound different than recycled vinyl?

This question asks what is virgin vinyl: What Exactly Is *Virgin* Vinyl? Many of the answers, and general opinion on the internet, point out that virgin vinyl will produce a better sounding record ...
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