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How do I cultivate an amazingly large collection of listening music?

It is very difficult for me to listen to music, because I have a tendency to find a song that I like a lot and hit replay again and again. And I can get quite stubborn about refusing to expose my ears ...
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How to make a CUE file fit for classical music?

Recently I've been exploring the treasure trove that is and its rich lodes of public domain classical music. For example try searching creator:(Vivaldi) AND NOT title:(four seasons) AND ...
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How can I tag video game music, like Shazam but for games?

Are there any good online services or apps that can identify/tag music from video games? I have tried using SoundHound, Google/Android music search, Shazam, etc., but they fail to find a match on ...
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Where can I find a MIDI file for Max Kortlander's "Russian Rag"?

A pianist myself, I like how this song sounds and want to learn how to play it. Since there is no sheet music for this song, I've been looking for a file that I can convert into music. Can someone ...
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Creating Mp3 file from Audio

I have some CDs with copy protection that I would like to rip to MP3s. I have Ableton Live Lite 10 - so used it to record the Audio from the tracks - then thought I could Export the audio as MP3 from ...
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What is the easiest way to write music quickly on an iPad?

If I have a melody in my head and I want to jot it down in a note on an iPad, is there any plug-in or keyboard that would allow me to input a music score quickly and efficiently? Or, at least an app?
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Would "Garage Band" App be considered a genre?

My friend creates all of his music on an iPad using the 'Garage Band" App. His songs are so different from one another and would probably qualify for many different genre descriptions. Would it be ...
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What are some appealing iPad instruments?

Are there any iPad instruments that require skill to play and feel like a genuinely appealing instrument in and of themselves, rather than being a lower-quality simulation of something else? For ...
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Identify individual songs within a long mix [closed]

I downloaded a long DJ set as an mp3, and it contains a few hours of songs that I'd like to identify. The DJ won't be bothered to go through her set and send me a list, so I'm looking for a way to do ...
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Is Vocaloid some new style or music genre? [closed]

I know Vocaloid is a signing synthesizer software but while I was trying to find the best songs sung by Vocaloid singers I started to find pieces of music that were suspiciously too good. By too good ...
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Is there any software or app to search for similar melodies? [closed]

Artists from my country used to copy popular English songs. They reproduce the whole tune exactly the same as original but sing in the local language. It's sad but true. I just want to know which ...
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Apps for identifying classical music

I was pretty disillusioned with SoundHound when I attempted to identify a piece of classical music that I recognized but could not remember the name to and the app told me that the song could not be ...
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Splitting a single FLAC file into songs with a Cue sheet?

I've got a complete CD which is one large FLAC file. I also have a Cue sheet, which could be used with certain CD burning software (such as ImgBurn) to allow the CD to be split into tracks. What I ...
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