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What are some appealing iPad instruments?

Are there any iPad instruments that require skill to play and feel like a genuinely appealing instrument in and of themselves, rather than being a lower-quality simulation of something else? For ...
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How to make a CUE file fit for classical music?

Recently I've been exploring the treasure trove that is and its rich lodes of public domain classical music. For example try searching creator:(Vivaldi) AND NOT title:(four seasons) AND ...
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How can I tag video game music, like Shazam but for games?

Are there any good online services or apps that can identify/tag music from video games? I have tried using SoundHound, Google/Android music search, Shazam, etc., but they fail to find a match on ...
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Creating Mp3 file from Audio

I have some CDs with copy protection that I would like to rip to MP3s. I have Ableton Live Lite 10 - so used it to record the Audio from the tracks - then thought I could Export the audio as MP3 from ...
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Where can I find a MIDI file for Max Kortlander's "Russian Rag"?

A pianist myself, I like how this song sounds and want to learn how to play it. Since there is no sheet music for this song, I've been looking for a file that I can convert into music. Can someone ...
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