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For questions about one of the various awards and prizes which are regularly held in the music world.

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Why is the voting for Grammy's being manipulated by the social media?

Many big artists have chosen not to send their songs to Grammy's anymore in protest to the company's policies in choosing the best songs and artists, including The Weeknd, Zayn, Ariana Grande, and ...
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Who has won the most different categories of Grammy awards?

I was listening to the song “The Roots of Coincidence” by Pat Metheny Group and learned that the song won a Grammy for best rock instrumental performance - which is surprising given that the group is ...
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Why are some awards given in a wrong category?

There are some errors in, for example, Grammy's. For example, I recall Drake being nominated and won in the Pop/Rock category in one year. Or recently, Justin Bieber complained Grammy's for nominating ...
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Why are some awards given without any nominations?

For example, in Brit Awards there is a category called Global Icon Award. The winner in this category is competing against him/herself (Taylor Swift in 2021). Why are there no nominations in some ...
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Why didn't Olivia Rodrigo receive any nominations for 2021 Billboard Music Awards?

As we know Olivia Rodrigo released her newest single Driver's license on January 8th, 2021; and it became very popular on Billboard Hot 100 so that it remained 1st on the list for 8 consecutive weeks. ...
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Are the Grammys for American artists?

Thinking of recent Record of the Year nominees and winners, it seems like the Grammy awards seem to skew heavily American, though I know that the Beatles and other non-American artists have taken home ...
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Why did Charles Ives believe that 'Prizes are badges of mediocrity'?

Source: Liner Booklet of this CD. The 'Introduction' on that page is the liner booklet. The Third Symphony was premiered in 1946 and won the Pulitzer Prize. Ives told the press ‘Prizes are badges ...
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How can Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud be nominated for 2016 Grammys?

Ed Sheeran's album "X" was released June 2014 and was nominated as Album of the Year in 2015 Grammys. Now, in 2016 Grammys, his song Thinking Out Loud of the "X" album was nominated for Song of the ...
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How is a winner decided from the nominations for the Academy Award for Best Original Song?

Over the weekend I watched the Oscars and I was wondering what process is followed to determine the winner from the nominations for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. I can see from Wikipedia ...
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What were the first music awards given and when did music awards start to gain visibility?

I wonder what were the first music awards given, and around when music awards started to gain visibility?
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