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For general questions about bands, how they live, how they work... Do not use this tag to identify a band, use [identify-this-band] instead. Do not use it to look for similar artists, use [similar-artists] instead.

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Greatest longevity in Rock bands, keeping all initial members

I'm looking for famous Rock bands that had the greatest longevity with keeping all initial members. Here are some restrictions: Initial members would be the ones who recorded the first album. Famous ...
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Modern bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Transatlantic?

What modern or very new bands can you advise me to listen to that play music resembling Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, or Transatlantic?
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19 votes
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Why is Axl Rose the only original member left in Guns N' Roses?

It's pretty common to see a band break up or have a member or two leave, but in Guns N' Roses the only original member left is Axl Rose and most of the other band members still play together in bands ...
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