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What is this Beethoven piece? [closed]

I found an mp3 on my PC, marked as Fur Elise by Beethoven. I recognise the piece, but know it's not Fur Elise. Can anyone tell me what it is? Here is a link to a cut-down version (as I'm sure you'll ...
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Is Beethoven's 5th Symphony named "symphony of fate" by the composer?

There are many myths and doubts about this title. Do we have evidence about the original intention of Beethoven naming his symphony after the so called fate motif?
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Why is "Für Elise" called "La Lettre à Elise" in French?

Beethoven's famous "Für Elise" is literally translated as "À Elise" in French, but that's not what was chosen (by whom ?); instead it is customarily translated as "Lettre à ...
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Who wrote this arrangement of Moonlight Sonata for the electric guitar?

There are quite a few amazing performances of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played on electric guitar. This one is my favourite: Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover - ...
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Identifying an excerpt by Beethoven (Ddim7ㅡAbm/EbㅡEbㅡAbm) [closed]

While working on an assignment based on secondary leading-tone chords, I found this excerpt that I am not quite familiar with: I see a secondary leading-tone seventh chord to the dominant, then a ...
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Trying to identify Carlos Kleiber recording of Mozart/Beethoven with lots of applause at the end for funeral music

This question is about trying to identify a Carlos Kleiber recording of (probably) Mozart/Beethoven with lots of applause at the end for funeral music. Recently a family member died who loved music ...
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Why is Beethoven's Op 81 split into "81a" and "81b" instead of No. 1 and No. 2?

Beethoven has an Opus 81a (Piano Sonata No. 26) and Opus 81b (Sextet for Horns and String Quartet). Why is this Opus divided/labeled this way, instead of split into Numbers as opus cataloguing ...
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Did Beethoven assist to rehearsals?

As you may know, Beethoven spent the last decade of his life almost completely deaf. That made me wonder : Was he a conductor ? Did he assist to the rehearsals of his concerts ?
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Beethoven's "four chords"

Take the following passage in an English translation of Solzhenitsyn's novel Cancer Ward: Beethoven's four muffled chords of fate were thundering above Kostoglotov's head. Nobody heard them in ...
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Who is the Elise that Beethoven composed about?

What is the history about the famous piano piece "Für Elise". Do we know who this lady that Beethoven immortalized was? Did he have a big, fat old crush on this lady? Was it a case of unrequited love? ...
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Is there a prepared piano in Staier's recording of Diabelli Variations?

In Andreas Staier recording of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations, there is some weird stuff going on throughout variations 22 and 23 (recording here starts at var 22). It sounds like there's paper ...
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Beethoven thematic index

Where can I find a thematic index to the works of Beethoven? In many hymn books there is a tune which is supposed to be from one of his works, but I do not recognize it and would like to find out if ...
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