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For questions relating to the magazine called "Billboard" and its weekly charts of top hits for various genres

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Who had the most simultaneous Billboard top 10 singles before Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift made history with her October 21, 2022 release of Midnights when the top ten songs in Billboard's Hot 100 were all from her album. Who held the record previously?
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Why didn't Olivia Rodrigo receive any nominations for 2021 Billboard Music Awards?

As we know Olivia Rodrigo released her newest single Driver's license on January 8th, 2021; and it became very popular on Billboard Hot 100 so that it remained 1st on the list for 8 consecutive weeks. ...
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Why are there so many love songs?

If we take a look at lists of the top songs (e.g. Billboard Hot 100), they're likely to be dominated by love songs. Why? Sure, it's a powerful emotion, but there're other powerful emotions out there (...
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How does billboard determine the account for their 'hotplay' list?

As many of us know Billboard tracks various success levels of records, songs and artists. There is a Billboard tracker called 'hotplay' relating to the amount of times a song is played. How is this ...
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Records with longest Billboard chart success

According to Wikipedia, The Dark Side of the Moon “topped the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart for one week and remained in the charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988” – that’s 15 years on the ...
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Highest Billboard 200 rank for a Creative Commons licensed album?

Which album, released (also) under a Creative Commons license, had the highest Billboard 200 chart success? (The album must have been licensed under a CC license before it entered the charts, so it ...
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How does Billboard assign songs to its various charts?

Billboard has many different charts, including charts for overall popularity and broken down by various genres, like the Hot 100, the Billboard 200, Pop Songs, Adult Contemporary, Hot Country Songs, ...
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