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Black metal - why the enthusiasm for genrefication among fans?

In the lead up to this year's Inferno Festival I immersed myself in the numerous interviews with the bands. After about 10 or so I noticed a common thread that interviewers and fan questions tend to ...
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Are there any real lyrics to Sunn O)))'s "Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds"?

I've listened to the whole song several times now despite its duration. Atilla Csihar's vocals are probably my favourite part, even if they are a theoretical disaster. It reminds me of some sort of ...
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What is this sample of classical music in this black metal song?

There seems to be a sample of dramatic classical music in the beginning of Hesitant Behaviour by Diabolical Masquerade. Does someone recognise it?
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Are there satellite TV channels for fans of Extreme Metal?

I and my brother are two fans of the extreme metal genre. We have searched our receiver's channels lists in several satellites (Hotbird, Eutelsat, etc.) but found none of the channels streaming this ...
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1Burzum1 meaning in Black Metal

When I look up releases by Norweigian Black Metal band Burzum on ebay, it's always listed as 1Burzum, 1Burzum1, or Burzum1. Does anyone know why the 1's are there? There are no listings I can see ...
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