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For questions about the band Black Sabbath and their music.

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Who were the models that portrayed the “Figure In Black” and the “War Pig” on the covers of the first 2 Black Sabbath albums?

Does anyone know the names of the models on the covers of the first 2 Black Sabbath Albums? The “Figure In Black” (On the cover of “Black Sabbath”) May have been named Louise, With a first name in ...
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1 answer

What is the meaning behind a drummer calling his style of playing as 'orchestrational' (as opposed to 'strict time')?

I was watching an interview with Black Sabbath's drummer Bill Ward and he said that his drumming style is orchestrational as opposed to strict time. What does he mean by 'orchestrational'? How does ...
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1 answer

What's with dinosaurs in Vietnam?

There's an awesome song by Black Sabbath called Into the Void. It's been covered by a few bands, including Monster Magnet. In Monster Magnet's version, which is also super awesome, there are ...
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Is there a canonical answer as to why Ozzy Osbourne won't sing any Dio-era Black Sabbath songs in concert?

I have never heard of Ozzy doing a Dio-era song live in Black Sabbath. IMO, some of their best material is on Heaven & Hell and The Mob Rules. Has anyone in Black Sabbath ever said why they don't ...