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For questions about the musician Bruce Springsteen and his music.

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Does Bruce Springsteen ever called Steve Van Zandt his "consiglieri"?

This review of the TV show The Sopranos says that: Bruce Springsteen has even referred to Van Zandt as his consiglieri. Steve Van Zandt is Bruce Springsteen guitarist and he also plays the ...
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Springsteen collectors - What are the "must have" ROIOs?

I know some might consider this "too broad" or a "list question", but there are probably a very limited number of answers here. I'm looking to explore Bruce Springsteen's illustrious touring career. ...
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What is the significance of "the promised land" mentioned in many Bruce Springsteen songs?

Apart from the song The Promised Land, there are quite a few other songs by Bruce Springsteen whose lyrics make reference to a "promised land". Some examples: "For all the blown-off strangers ...
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