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Questions tagged [classical-music]

For questions on Western Classical Music in both, the narrow sense of the music between roughly 1730 and 1820, as well as the broad sense of any music written for an orchestra, or other instrument or instrumental group common during the Classical Period.

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2 answers

Antiphonal violins

I recently attended a performance of Beethoven's Eroica. Beethoven's Eroica with the CBSO under Jamie Phillips For the pieces in the first half, the orchestra was arranged in the usual fashion but ...
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Why doesn't anyone write great symphonies any more?

Most of the "great" symphonies stem from the 18th and 19th centuries. Shostakovich was the last great symphonic composer and he died in 1975. I'm not aware of anyone writing great symphonies since him....
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Tchaikovsky opera opus numbers

Tchaikovsky wrote the opera Vakula the Smith in 1874. It was revised as Cherevichki (The Slippers) in 1885. "Vakula the Smith" is given Opus 14, and as far as I can tell "Cherevichki" has the same ...
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5 votes
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Religious music - one note for extended period

Can anyone point me to examples of the following: Vicars often sing before prayer (I think) in a particular style that focuses on one note for the majority of the phrase and then moves to maybe ...
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Classical music database

To evolve my classical music knowledge and appreciation, I think there might be need of an (online) database of compositions, not recordings. I like and use RYM (Rate Your Music), but the format is ...
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Has Vengerov's performance of the Sibelius violin concerto (1904 version) ever been recorded?

The Sibelius violin concerto has a rather troubled history. In fact, the version we call 'the Sibelius violin concerto' is a revision of the original 1904 manuscript, due to bad reception at its ...
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Is there a music score search engine?

Is there a good search engine to find music based on the melody or score? I frequently find myself wondering what a certain song is for which I can hum the tune and I am wondering if there is a ...
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Piano arrangement identification from one measure of sheet music [closed]

On Music.SE, someone posted a question about how to play a particular piano piece. The piece appears to be in 12/8 time and E-flat major, and looks extremely awkward to play. The author of the ...
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For Classical Music, is there a database of online recordings that feature the composer (as a conductor or musician)?

Obviously, this question concerns only composers who could have been recorded after 1877, the start of the poor, impractical Acoustic Age of recording equipment; or more realistically, 1925, the ...
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