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Questions tagged [classical-music]

For questions on Western Classical Music in both, the narrow sense of the music between roughly 1730 and 1820, as well as the broad sense of any music written for an orchestra, or other instrument or instrumental group common during the Classical Period.

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In which of his works did Mussorgsky include features of human speech?

The wiki page on Speech-to-song illusion says: Many composers, including Gesualdo, Monteverdi, and Mussorgsky, have argued that expressivity in music can be derived from inflections in speech, and ...
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Is Sweelinck's Toccata primi toni, SwWV 286 one of the first baroque pieces?

Sweelinck is considered one of the first baroque composers. In fact, most his pieces are still very Renaissance style. One of his most famous pieces that sounds more baroque is Toccata primi toni, ...
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What is the name of Opus No. 8 by Nikolay Ladukhin?

This is a question regarding an historical Russian composer. I have done much research regarding the works of Nikolay Ladukhin (Russian: Николай Михайлович Ладухин). However, piecing together a more ...
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Original "Glory To The Sun" Russian folk song used as a theme in Beethoven String Quartet No. 8 and others

In String Quartet No. 8, Beethoven made use of a Russian theme based on the folk song (or hymn) "Glory To The Sun". Other composers also used this song as a theme: Mussorgski in "Boris Gudunov", ...
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A book on the parallels between styles in music, theater, architecture, visual arts,

I have been looking into different periods in music history (medieval, renaissance, baroque, classic, romantic, 20th century, modern). I am now looking for a book that similarly covers a long period ...
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How to make a CUE file fit for classical music?

Recently I've been exploring the treasure trove that is and its rich lodes of public domain classical music. For example try searching creator:(Vivaldi) AND NOT title:(four seasons) AND ...
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Does it occur that a (classical) music critic abstains from applauding?

This is probably an unusual question about tradition or etiquette. I believe I heard from a critic many years ago that it was appropriate for a critic not to applause after a concert. It gives the ...
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I am looking for lyrics of the song: Thomas Bergersen - A Place in Heaven

It has two versions, one is sung by Jenifer Thigpen as voice over. I am looking for lyrics of the version with her voice. I found lyrics in this website but it is in English and it does not sound like ...
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Are there any ensembles that try to play as broad of styles of music as possible?

The Ensemble InterContemporaine plays contemporary classical music, countless orchestras play classical music, there are groups that play Chinese, Indian, Gamelan, jazz, and so on. Is there any ...
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What classical pieces are references in Michael Kamen's orchestral score for Last Action Hero?

The film Last Action Hero makes several meta references to its own film genres and to classical music and literature (Shakespeare, Mozart, Vivaldi, Dracula among others...), merrily mixing cartoon ...
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What is the background track in this trailer?

I saw this trailer about 5 years ago and recently I've been wanting to find the trailer song to it because it's driving me nuts haha. I'm 99% sure the music was only ...
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is this listz or beethoven?

Found this but cant name it apps couldn't either
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Where to get/buy the sheet music of Alla Turca Jazz By Aysedeniz (based on Fazil Say)

I have been looking for the sheet music from this video by AyseDeniz. She re-arranged it based on Fazil Say's work. It used to be available on the Internet(Musicnotes)....
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