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How did Spotify get all the music?

It seems that pretty much all music with any amount of popularity (at least here in the West) is available to be played on Spotify, unless someone has explicitly removed their songs - but notable ...
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Is there a source somewhere saying Sholay has copied from Jomeh?

I have found that the melody of the song "Haan Jab Tak Hai Jaan" in the 1975 Indian movie Sholay is exactly the opening melody of 1970 Iranian song Jomeh by Farhad Mehrad: Haan Jab Tak Hai ...
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Why is the Chinese ABC song different?

Why is the Chinese ABC song different to most of the rest of the world? The traditional song in all Western European countries has a fast LMNOP and whole song similar to this: The second half has ...
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Are there any laws and punishments to prevent new singers from copying famous singers' voices and tones?

In one of the third-world countries I know some new singers who copy exactly the voice of a particular famous singer (native to that country too) in their singing. There are some stand-up comedians ...
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Who owns the rights to unreleased music, if anyone?

A lot of musicians nowadays have unreleased music. Who owns the rights to the lyrics, if anyone? What if someone took those lyrics and sang and performed them as their own? Does the musician being ...
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Were royalties paid in the USA folk scene in the 60's? -- The Bob Dylan example

Taking as an example the album Bob Dylan, released in 1962 by Columbia, how likely is it that the fees for covering famous folk songs were paid and that original authors actually received the fees? ...
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Was this Swedish song from the 1980s-2000s an imitation musically of some 1960s USA song? If so, what was that song's name? [closed]

I've been unable to figure out which year it was made, but I know the artist ("Eddie Meduza") and the name of the song ("Åh! en sån lyrik"). It was re-released on the album "...
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What has the RIAA(/MPAA/BSA) done in re the recent surge in music piracy due to coronavirus? [closed]

From Coronavirus Lockdown Boosts Interest in Pirate Sites and Services From More People Are Pirating Movies During the Coronavirus Lockdown Question: So what's the ...
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Lead artist and featured artist of a song - how are they determined?

I just wanted to know for a collaborative song, what are the factors affecting which artists to be credited as the lead artists and which artists to be credited as the featured artist.
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What is the source of this clause, often used to mark the completion of something? [duplicate]

Seems everybody knows this clause by ear, even its rhythm is very suggestive. I wrote down a version in C Major, it look like this: The Lilypond source is \relative g' { \key c \major \time 2/4 c g8 ...
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Who is the real songwriter of a song?

When I Google a song lyrics, Google usually shows it with songwriters at the bottom. For instance, "post malone paranoid lyrics" Is it possible to find out who took what part in songwriting process? ...
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Why does Led Zeppelin have such a significant place in the rock'n'roll pantheon? [closed]

Led Zeppelin is widely considered to be one of the greatest ever rock'n'roll bands. But it is well known that they stole a lot of material from older acts, particularly black American blues musicians,...
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How can I locate old sheet music if I know the author, title and copyright info?

In doing research about one of my ancestors, I found a record of a hymn that he wrote and received a copyright for, back in 1914. I'm interested in locating a copy of the sheet music, but I have no ...
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Did Charlie Puth lift a vocal run from Justin Timberlake?

In Charlie Puth's "If You Leave Me Now" (Feat. Boyz ll Men) at 2:40 Charlie performs a vocal run that is nearly identical to the run Justin Timberlake sings in the 'N Sync song "Gone" at 4:20. My ...
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Is there a "four note" rule that defines plagiarism in music?

Answers to this question, which I first asked on Writers' SE, suggest that's the case. Is this a standard in general use? If so, what's the theory behind it? Is it something like one chord and one ...
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Is it implied that a publisher also holds the copyright of a song?

I came across an instance in an album booklet where it lists the publishers of a track. What was interesting about this particular booklet was the way it lists its publishers. Before the first ...
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How did Gilbert and Sullivan protect their operas from pirates?

While watching some of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, I have heard repeatedly (including the extras on the DVDs) that Gilbert and Sullivan had a serious problem with people, specifically in the ...
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Are all ORIGINAL VERSION classical sheet music in the public domain? [closed]

I know that there is a law in US mentioning that any copyright of any musical composition drops by 70 years after composer's death. The point is that this law is ambiguous. I heard many viewpoints ...
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How are band names protected?

I am sure that all well known bands have copyrighted their names, but how does this work with the millions of small unknown local bands? I guess there are a lot of bands with the same name, what ...
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Are there any restrictions for guitar colors?

Yellow Ibanez NDM3 has disappeared from manufacturer site and got replaced with NDM4 sunburst one. It is not listed as discontinued model Did it happen because of law issues?
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Why are specific parts to music not free?

I wanted to get my hands on the tuba part for Bruckner's 8th so I could study the finale. I found I could get the full score for free, but I had to pay for the singular part. I'm pretty sure that the ...
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When music goes "out of print", do the writers/performers still hold their copyright?

I was wondering about out-of-print music and how it comes back in print. Do the writers still retain their copyrights? Who determines when a record/CD will go out of print, and who makes it ...
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Why exactly did the jury find copyright infringement in the case of Blurred Lines?

I’ve listened to parts of Blurred Lines and Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give It Up, and I don't get it. I hear similarities, but no song can be entirely new, here in this century. What were the specific ...
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Highest Billboard 200 rank for a Creative Commons licensed album?

Which album, released (also) under a Creative Commons license, had the highest Billboard 200 chart success? (The album must have been licensed under a CC license before it entered the charts, so it ...
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Do you need original artist's consent to cover their songs live?

This is a general question. I will use an example only to make it clearer. Let's consider this Anathema's concert - they played covers of Oh! Darling and Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2. Did they ...
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Permission for remixes?

Do artists (such as the Propellerheads or similar) need to gain permission to remix another artist’s song? For example, Professional Widow by Tori Amos was not only remixed but appeared on the Boys ...
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