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Is there a slight difference in the this Remix Version of Alan Jackson's Chattahoocee?

I have been a huge country music fan for 13 years now. I have been adding a lot of artists in my country music collection. The artist I'm working to add in my country music collection is Alan Jackson. ...
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What are the differences between the original versions and updated versions of *Guys Do It All The Time* & *Ten Thousand Angels* by Mindy McCready?

Recently I rediscovered country music singer Mindy McCready. If some of you don't know who she is, she is famous for the songs Ten Thousand Angels and the mega 1996 smash country crossover hit Guys Do ...
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What's the difference between Bluegrass and Country?

I'm diving into North American folklore music of the 20th century, and two of the staples are the Bluegrass and Country genres / styles. They seem to be intimately connected though, so: How are they ...
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Who is Johanna in this Joan Baez song - The Winds of the Old Days

In this song, The Winds of the Old Days, by Joan Baez, the last stanza is: And get you down to the harbor now Most of the sour grapes are gone from the bough Ghosts of Johanna will visit you there ...
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Source of accordion melody from "Vienna"

There is a small portion of music in Billy Joel's Vienna, specifically from 2:00 to 2:05 of this clip. It sounds very familiar and I feel I've heard it in another (most likely country) song, which has ...
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Upbeat country pop, currently popular among teens (2019), punchy guitar ending

I was at a pool party several days ago when this song came on, and nearly every one of my classmates knew the words. I couldn't hear it too well, though, so I didn't catch the lyrics, but it sounded ...
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The inspiration behind the song: What Have They Done To My Song, Ma

I recently came across this beautiful song, but could find very little about what inspired this song. Any details about what inspired it, any other information about it, would be appreciated.
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What does Johnny Cash refer to when he says he has a “mackinaw?”

In Johnny Cash’s song Country Trash, he says: I got a mackinaw and a hunting dog What is a mackinaw? I’m a Michigander myself, so I’m familiar with Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City and the ...
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Origin of Clementine in "Oh My Darling, Clementine"

In the song, "Oh My Darling, Clementine", is "Clementine" actually referencing anyone, or is it just a name the creator used?
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Country music about cascading of love and help [closed]

It's been more than 15 years since I heard this beautiful country music. The song tells us the story of a man (or a lady) that gets in trouble by having a flat tire that they can't repair, then some ...
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Sponge Cake in "True Blue" by John Williamson

In the famous Australian folk song "True Blue" written by John Williamson, he asks "If they sell us out like sponge cake, Do you really care?" Is this referring to anything in particular? For example, ...
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Why is it that Garth Brooks's music isn't available to stream?

Why is it that Garth Brooks's music isn't available to stream via any major music distributor (e.g. Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, etc.)?
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Identify female vocal country/rock song when search for lyrics yielded no exact matches - "you say I won't forget you"? [closed]

I'm trying to identify a song which the lyrics say something like "you say I won't forget you" // "you say that I don't love you" (something like that, I was at the gym and couldn't write it down or ...
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I'm hooked on Ry Cooder's 'Paris, Texas' soundtrack. Where can I look for more like that?

I don't know how this kind of country is called, the names of those who play it, but I know I need more!
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"Oh we got both kinds. We got Country and Western." But what's actually the difference?

When were "Country" and "Western" music regarded as two distinct styles? Where did these terms come from, and what was the distinction? Is there anything that could be put forward as an example of '...
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Who brought the Bluegrass influence into the Grateful Dead?

When Workingman's Dead was released, it was a 180 degree turn into Bluegrass. how could they make such a jarring change like that so quickly?
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