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What was the exact date when the "Bailando" song by "Paradisio" was first released/played? [closed]

This is a recurring frustration for me: whenever I try to look up the exact date when a song/CD/album was released (whether in stores or started being played on public radio stations), they only ever ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Is it somehow possible to get more exact release dates than just the YEARS for CD albums? [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a timeline of sorts. Frustratingly, I can only find the years when these CDs/albums were released, but I want to know the month and day as well! Example:
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4 votes
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Classical music database

To evolve my classical music knowledge and appreciation, I think there might be need of an (online) database of compositions, not recordings. I like and use RYM (Rate Your Music), but the format is ...
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How can I find more music similar to the ones I like?

I'm having a hard time collecting music I'm interested in through genre. Do I have any options to look for similar music based on a recording / song name? For example, when browsing a video tagged ...
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3 answers

How can I find out in which movies/games a musical work was featured?

How can I find out in which movies and video games a specific musical work was featured? Starting from the movie/game is usually easier, as corresponding websites (like the IMDb) often list the used ...
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