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For questions about the American rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers) born in 1972 (USA).

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Why does Eminem use the name "Slim Shady"

Eminem uses the nickname 'Slim Shady', as shown here. Why does he do this? The name 'Eminem' is already a stage name (his real name is Marshall Mathers) so he surely he doesn't need another stage name....
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Is there any reason why Eminem laughed at the end of Mockingbird?

Enimen laughs at the end of his song Mockingbird. During this song, he explains his problems (and makes most people cry). Did he ever explain why he laughed? It's strange for someone to laugh at the ...
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Did Eminem actually compose the song "Stronger Than I was"?

About this song by Eminem, Stronger Than I Was, Wikipedia shows Luis Resto and Eminem both as producers. My concern is that since the song contains very less rap portion did Luis composed most of the ...
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