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Research Paper on Music Style of A R Rahman

I am looking for a scholarly article/ research paper on the analysis of music style and the influence of Indian composer A R Rahman. I searched google scholar (I have searched the first 7 pages using ...
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Is the refrain in the song *Kaadhal Piriyaamal* by Deva inspired from *Nila Kaigirathu* by A. R. Rahman?

I was listening to the song Nila Kaigirathu from the movie Indira (1995) a few days back, and I felt that a portion of the pallavi (refrain) was very similar to the one in Kaadhal Piriyaamal from the ...
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What are all stanzas of "Jane Kaha Gaye Wo Din" by Hasrat Jaipuri?

I'm talking about an Indian old Hindi song "Jane Kaha Gaye Wo Din" sung by my favorite singer Mukesh Chand Mathur (1923-1976). Some information is as follows: Film: Mera Naam Joker (1970) ...
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