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For questions about folk music, both traditional as well as contemporary.

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End of AVICII's The Nights: Why is the end of the sound wave not centered around zero?

This is the end of AVICII's The Nights (YouTube) viewed in Audacity: Question: Is there a particular purpose for keeping the wave out of the center? I guess it does not change the sound (or at least ...
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In the folk song "The Wild Rover," how did the narrator get the money he has in the tavern?

In the Irish folk song "The Wild Rover," the narrator has been spending his money on beer for a long time, many years (and maybe living nomadically). He regrets this very much and resolves ...
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Original "Glory To The Sun" Russian folk song used as a theme in Beethoven String Quartet No. 8 and others

In String Quartet No. 8, Beethoven made use of a Russian theme based on the folk song (or hymn) "Glory To The Sun". Other composers also used this song as a theme: Mussorgski in "Boris Gudunov", ...
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Roma 2018 - Alfonso Cuaron - beach wedding song

I'm trying to identify the title of the simple beach wedding music, performed by a local Mexican orchestra in Roma (the great movie on Netflix, Venice festival winner, from Alfonso Cuaron) It is not ...
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Is there a term for this style of ethnic European folk song?

The style features verses that are slow, sometimes speeding up, but ending with a rallentando and often a fermata, then going into a chorus that begins slowly (sometimes very slowly) with a gradual ...
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What do these lyrics in "Angeline the Baker" mean?

In the song "Angeline the Baker," the lyrics go: Angeline the baker, age of 43 Fed her sugar candy, but she still won't marry me What does "fed her sugar candy" mean? Is it referring to sweet ...
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Does anyone know examples of old Danish rowing songs?

Some friends of mine told me they were on a trip with an old viking dragonboat when some of the girls started to sing some ancient rowing song. To be able to have some imagination how that might have ...
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The connection between Kurdish music and the sound of horses galloping?

The characteristic background rhythm of Kurdish music (like this) is very similar to the sound of horses galloping. Given that horses were domesticated by Indo-Europeans, it seems likely there could ...
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Are there any records of Woody Guthrie's FBI verses to "Acres of Clams"?

In Pete Seeger's Introduction to Acres of Clams, he states that he and Woody Guthrie once improvised verses to it, including the verse: They asked, "would I fight for my country?" I answered the ...
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How do you make a arabic sounding flute in reaper or bandlab?

I'm making an Arabic jazz album for a music class project, that's kinda like the astounding eyes of rita album by Anouar Brahem, and in the album there's a lot flute and Arabic percussion in the album,...
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Am I confused about the message of the "Monday Morning" folk song?

I've listened many times to this: I recognize that I may be completely wrong, and probably are (judging by how often I've misinterpreted lyrics in the past), but is ...
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Were royalties paid in the USA folk scene in the 60's? -- The Bob Dylan example

Taking as an example the album Bob Dylan, released in 1962 by Columbia, how likely is it that the fees for covering famous folk songs were paid and that original authors actually received the fees? ...
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