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For questions about the characteristics of a genre or group of genres.

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The two standard voices in Mexican music

Answering this question about nasal tones in popular music made me wonder. I've frequently heard songs from Mexico that pair two singers, one with a noticeably more nasal sound. For example: ...
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Is H8000 a stylistically differentiable sub-genre of hardcore punk?

H8000 is often described as a sub-genre of hardcore punk from West Flanders. What makes it a sub-genre? Is it only geographical? In other words, can any hardcore punk track be considered H8000 if it ...
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What is wrong with Discogs and "Electronic" genre?

I am using mp3tag to access Discogs database to clean up MP3 tags in my 4000+ items library. For insanely large number of results (1000-2000!) I am getting: Electronic entry as the only or one of ...
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Is Logobi a music genre?

The English Wikipedia says: Logobi is an urban musical genre that accompanies certain dance moves. On the opposite, The French Wikipedia describes Logobi as a dance that can be accompanied by any ...
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How do you make a arabic sounding flute in reaper or bandlab?

I'm making an Arabic jazz album for a music class project, that's kinda like the astounding eyes of rita album by Anouar Brahem, and in the album there's a lot flute and Arabic percussion in the album,...
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