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For questions about the genre known as "hip-hop", which commonly features rap with an electronic backing.

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Arrested Development: Static on 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of

I have several copies of this album (CD, cassette, etc) and there is static on many of the tracks. Back in '94 I remember hearing the explanation was: (some guy left the master LP in the sun, or ...
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Unreleased Kanye West Chain Heavy album

8 years ago, I downloaded a Kanye West album called Chain Heavy. I've always wondered about the history behind this album: maybe half of the songs are available on YouTube; nothing on other streaming ...
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"Come Baby Come" by K7 - lyrics for the female vocals?

I am looking for the lyrics of the 90s song "Come Baby Come" by K7, but I cannot find one that includes the female vocals at the start of the song after the "Da ding de ding de ding" part. (I turned ...