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House is a genre of electronic dance music. Use this tag for music that concerns this genre.

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What's the difference among melodic techno, deep house, and progressive house?

I have been listening to melodic techno music lately and I have been enjoying it a lot. However, when I listen to progressive house, I don't feel like I like it a lot. Deep house is in the middle. ...
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Boston DJs Brian and Ivan of Shizm contact info

20 years ago there were very good house DJs named Brian and Ivan of Shizm. They released excellent mixes on a website which is no longer active. Ten years later, I dug deep and could find that Ivan ...
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Secret track on Underworld's "Beaucoup Fish"

On Underworld's 1999 album Beaucoup Fish I was told there is a secret track. It is heard by playing Winjer (track 5) and one other track, but I do not not know which one. The other track would also be ...
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Does any one know this Napster House Track I once found?

I am looking for a house track that appeared on Napster from 1997-98 that was titled as 'Midnight Breeze' by Jazz N Groove or Bobby and Steve. The track would be 120-135 bmp and had a jazzy feel to it....
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House, Garage, UK Garage, Speed Garage: What's the difference?

When talking about early electronic music, and the house scene specifically (in contrast with the Techno scene), four styles are always mentioned, and used interchangeably in many contexts (including ...
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Repeated lyric in Guz & Tough Love - "Dancin' Kinda Close"

Guz & Tough Love's song "Dancin' Kinda Close" has a repeated lyric ??? little step ??? dancin' kinda close What is the full lyric with the omitted words? I haven't been able to find it ...
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New EDM-Rock Bands (Not old bands, Not metal, Not Djs)

Can anyone suggest bands with this criteria? New bands (not bands with long careers like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, etc) Electronic (EDM) and Rock at the same time. Not Metal bands ...
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Stadium House genre (similar to the KLF)

The band the KLF (a.k.a. the Justified Ancients of Mu-Mu, furthermore known as the JAMs) have described their music as "stadium house." Is this a recognized genre? If so, what are its ...
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Female vocal motivating songs [closed]

I want to find more music for jogging / swimming. I like motivating Progressive house / light dubstep music with female vocals. Hope you guys could help me out with some channels / musicians with that ...
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Techno-House theme where interpreter naming Roman Emperors in the lyrics [closed]

I was reading this question on Christianity StackExchange and suddenly I remembered hear a song which: It was interpreted by a female (I suppose that by her voice). The music's genre was electronic ...
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Why is Suara "All about music and cats"?

Since founding Spanish record label Suara in 2008, Coyu has been using iconic photos of cats illustrated below. What is the the true story behind these cute little kitties, featuring on every EP and ...
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What's the difference between house and techno?

Both are considered pillars of electronic dance music, and probably its most known and recognized genres. They are often used interchangeably, sometimes to refer to electronic dance music in general, ...
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